User Spotlight

User Spotlight: Raoul Boya, Business Consultant

What’s your profession?
I’m a business consultant and advise the management of companies during short-time projects on various business challenges. My daily work routine consists of frequent travel, long working hours, many new challenges, dynamic experiences and interesting contacts.


Which goal are you currently working towards?

Over the past year I've been thinking about the ‘Why?' a lot. What does success actually mean for me? What do I want to achieve in life? Do I pursue the right goals? What are the right goals anyway?

Part of my answer to this question is that your personality has a decisive influence on how you perceive your own life and thus also influences your ‘success’ in life. Therefore, I’m always striving to grow as a person and cultivate a character that enables me to have an optimal, or rather most meaningful experience in life.
How is Flow Lab useful for you?

One of the most effective methods for the positive development of one’s own character is meditation. There are numerous services that I’ve tried before and partly use in parallel (e.g. Headspace, InsightTimer, free offers on the web). I find Flow Lab helpful for two reasons: It offers a weekly training program tailored to my needs, which uses four dimensions to train the areas of my mind where the effect is greatest. Furthermore, the quality of the guided meditations is very high, so that the sessions are very enjoyable and simply fun. The daily 10-15 minutes of Flow Lab are now part of my everyday routine.