Your mental coach for optimal performance

Flow Lab is your personalized training app to increase your mental and emotional fitness. With the help of guided audio sessions and a weekly schedule tailored to your needs, you will learn step by step how to maximize your productive performance. Our science-based meditations and mental training methods will support you in mastering your daily challenges with more motivation and ease – even when you are under stress and pressure. All you need is your smartphone and a pair of headphones.



In Flow we are up to 5 times more productive, up to 6 times more creative and learn up to 5 times faster.
— McKinsey, 2013

Your personalized mental training

Your flow profile

To understand what mental and emotional prerequisites you have, you’ll start by answering a few questions about yourself. This way we can understand your strengths and areas for improvement so that you can experience more flow in the future.

Your personal training schedule

Based on your psychological profile, you will then receive your personalized weekly training plan with various science-based mental training exercises designed to improve your mental and emotional fitness.

Guided audio sessions

With the guided mental exercises you use the neuroplasticity of your brain to strengthen positive mental and emotional patterns bit by bit, through which you master your everyday challenges with more focus, energy and ease.

Your flow score

Of course you want to know what effect your training has and what progress you are making. Therefore we regularly test your subjective flow experience and make your progress visible.

Start training

What are you training with Flow Lab


Strengthen your self-awareness and concentration and become immune to distractions and rumination.


Learn to balance yourself emotionally and to remain fearless and calm even in stressful situations.


Develop the self-confidence and courage to master difficult challenges with determination and joy.


Boost your sense of purpose and your perseverance to find motivation and strength even in difficult times.

How do you train with Flow Lab?

With Flow Lab you train your mind in guided audio sessions to master your everyday challenges with more flow. Through mindfulness-based meditation and breathing exercises you will increase your ability to concentrate and your emotional balance. But Flow Lab is more than traditional mindfulness training: Science-based mental training exercises from positive neuroplasticity training and cognitive behavioral therapy also help you cultivate positive emotions, overcome limiting beliefs and develop an optimistic and resilient mindset.

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Our vision: more flow for everyone

We all face a number of mental and emotional challenges in our daily lives. Whether it’s restlessness, fear, nervousness, self-doubt, frustration or exhaustion: our individual “flow stoppers” keep us from finding the motivation, concentration and energy we need to achieve our peak performance and use our time productively. We believe that in order to experience more flow – the mental state where peak performance feels fun end effortless – we must train our emotional and mental fitness with the same rigor and intensity with which we take care of our physical health. Of course, we can’t expect to find ourselves permanently in flow at the push of a button and to be completely absorbed in everything we do all day long, but we should at least ensure that our daily lives at work and in our leisure time feel more like a blissful, effortless rush of productivity (flow) and less like a hopeless struggle for survival (struggle).

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