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Flow Lab goes YouTube

Check out our new YouTube channel here.

Learn more about Flow states and mental fitness on our new Youtube channel

Great news: You may know that our approach and content have always been science-driven. As curious and ambitious minds, many of you want to know more about it and asked us about the psychological background behind peak performance and Flow States. And of course it’s easier to build a daily mental fitness routine when understanding how it works, isn’t it?
We hear you! That’s why we’re now also producing video content to dive deep into the psychology of mental fitness and Flow and give practical tips so you can get things done and develop a strong mindset. Check out the new Flow Lab YouTube channel.

Our first video: 3 tips to overcome revenge bedtime procrastination

Are you on your phone instead of sleeping?
Check out our first video on how to overcome revenge bedtime procrastination:
Revenge bedtime procrastination means delaying one’s sleep by, for example, being on the phone in order to compensate for a lack of free time during the day. We’ll discuss the importance of sleep, the reasons for revenge bedtime procrastination and 3 science-backed tips to let go of this unhealthy habit!

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