Flowletics is now Flow Lab

If you have made Flow Training one of your daily success habits, you may have noticed that something was a little odd yesterday. We changed our name from Flowletics to Flow Lab. As our company and our training app keep evolving over time, we felt that Flowletics didn’t 100% reflect our values and vision anymore.


With Flow Lab that’s different. The new name highlights our commitment to the scientific basis of our training program. It implies our intention to build a platform that offers our ambitious, forward-thinking community a space where they can work on themselves, improve and where things can go wrong but that’s just part of the process. #inthelab


And we also thought that Flow Lab just sounds a little cooler! Apart from that, not much has changed. Especially not our dedication to grow our movement for more focus, motivation and Flow in this fast-paced world we live in.


We are happy to have you on board!