Frontend Engineer – ReactJS & React Native


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We’re looking for an experienced React & React Native Developer who loves building joyful & state of the art mobile apps.


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About us

What we do

Flow Lab is a personalized training app to increase users’ mental and emotional fitness. With the help of guided audio sessions and a weekly training schedule tailored to users’ needs, they will learn step by step how to maximize their productive performance. Our science-based meditations and mental training methods will support people in mastering their daily challenges with more motivation and ease – even when they’re are under stress and pressure.

Who we are

We are a group of driven and passionate psychologists, designers and developers from Berlin.

We came together at Flow Lab to make the science of peak performance and flow states accessible to ambitious knowledge workers around the world in times of ever increasing mental and emotional challenges in our everyday lives.

Why we do it

We are part of an incredibly ambitious generation that is faced with some of the biggest challenges in our personal lives but also as a society as a whole. The combination of both can overwhelm many of us which is why we want to provide an effective way for people to unlock their full potential and live a fulfilled life at the same time. The challenge of our generation.

What is important to us

Having an impact

Yes, we are a VC backed startup. However our main focus is building a consumer product that benefits our users and improves their lives. Everything else will follow automatically!

Enjoying work

Our company culture will never be one of negativity, pressure or toxicity. We want to enjoy coming into work every morning and we strive to build a company where that is true for everyone.

Opportunity for personal growth

At Flow Lab we’re all about self-improvement. This is as true for us internally as it is for our product. We support each other, aren’t afraid of failure and give each other room to learn and gain experience.


Admittedly, a little bit of an elephant in the room as of now. Are we currently a predominantly white, male team? Yes. Are we looking to change that? Absolutely! Because of that we especially want to encourage people from underrepresented groups in the startup and tech scene to apply for our team.

Our founders


Co-Founder, Training


Co-Founder, Design


Co-Founder, Development

If you know someone who is looking for a new opportunity and would be a great fit for this position please connect us with him/her. If your intro leads to an employment we'll say thank you with 500€!

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