Building mental and emotional fitness to turn stress into flow

It has never been harder to be focused and productive at work, On average an employee is interrupted every 11 minutes. The ever increasing amount of informaton, complexity and permanent time pressure lead to 45% of German employees to feel emotionally exhausted due to stress at work. (pronovaBKK, 2016).


With Flow Lab’s guided audio sessions your employees strengthen their mental and emotional fitness.
Through the combination of science-based elements of mindfulness meditation with concepts from performance psychology your employees learn to develop a more productive way to cope with stress and find ways to grow personally. Those skills enable them to find flow – peak performance while being at ease – more often.

67% of our workday is lost to unimportant tasks and distractions.

Flow Lab for teams

We offer flexible plans for your company so you can offer the digital Flow Lab Coach, all exercises and the progress tracking to your employees.


As employer you receive anonymized insights into the usage and effects of the flow training within your company. Through the continuous psychological evaluation of the mental and emotional fitness level of your employees you can understand in which areas your employees have strengths or potential for improvement.

How it works

1. Your inquiry

Contact us to let us now in how many licenses your interested, which duration you’d prefer and which open questions you still have.

2. Our individual offer

Based on your information we’ll send you our offer.

3. Start of usage

You can distribute the licenses among your employees so that they can start their flow training.

Optional: Kick off workshop

If you wish we’re very happy to hold a kick off workshop with all interested employees at your offices.

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Flow – the science behind peak performance and wellbeing

Flow is a scientific concept from the area of positive psychology which was researched by the renowned psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. To develop Flow Lab and make the science of peak performance accessible for everyone, we worked closely with coaches and scientific partnes at the German Sports University Cologne, the Ruhr University Bochum and the Technical University Munich.

Flow demonstrably correlates with:

→ productivity (McKinsey, 2013)
→ creative performance (MacDonald, Byrne, & Carlton, 2006; Yan, Davison, & Mo, 2013)
→ subjective wellbeing and positive emotions (Bloch, 2002)
→ a good mood(Fullagar & Kelloway, 2009)
→ actively coping with stress and effort (Salanova, Martínez, Cifre, & Schaufeli, 2005)
→ less burnout (Lavigne, Forest, & Crevier- Braud, 2012)
→ high job satisfaction (Maeran & Cangiano, 2013)
→ a high subjectiveenergy level (Demerouti, Bakker, Sonnentag, & Fullagar, 2012)
→ a high subjective life quality (Bloch, 2002)